The Mission

Over the past 30 years, Fern House has become an integral part of the Palm Beach County community. The mission of Fern House is the restoration of the lives of men who struggle with chronic substance abuse issues. Often, when faced with seemingly hopeless cases, law enforcement, the court system and individuals turn to Fern House for the solution.

The Problem

In recent years, the character of substance abuse has changed. The onset of debilitating addiction is commonly occurring at a significantly younger age. Institutions report that today, those seeking treatment may not have even the most basic job and life skills. Many individuals who have finally achieved lasting sobriety face another hurdle. They are often unable to manage their own lives or gain employment. As a result, many quickly become discouraged and return to their addictions.

The Solution

Fern House will provide an intensive transitional living facility that focuses on teaching basic life and job skills. However, we can’t do it alone. Please join us in our efforts to restore men to lives of dignity and purpose.


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