Success Stories

Fern House changed my life. It put me in the position that I’m in right now. My life is good today. It wasn’t good at all before I went to Fern House. Back then, I was breaking into houses, stealing and living a crazy life. I was just chasing that high. But I was empty inside. I didn’t feel normal. Then, I got locked up, and my mom told me she wasn’t letting me out this time until she found some place for me to go. She found Fern House. Fern House led me to the life I have today. They gave me suggestions. I found a sponsor and I started doing the work. Now, I’m part of the family business. My family can trust me the checkbook. They can trust me not to steal anything. Fern House gave me a new life. They gave me a new style of living.Shane
How I was going to get money so I could use. The pain pills were the worst. They got into my bones, and into my body. I just lay in bed all day. I didn’t want to do anything. I couldn’t do anything. I didn’t even realize what was happening to me until it was too late. I wasn’t paying attention. Then, I was addicted. It was bad, and I wound up in jail. Bernard from Fern House visited me in jail after my mother got in touch with him. He asked me if I wanted to go to Fern House, and I thought…yeah, anything’s better than here. I was resistant at first, but once I got to Fern House it didn’t take long for me to realize that it was the place for me. They taught me structure and accountability. They helped me find a job, and they helped me get up every morning and get to that job. I didn’t know how to do any of that stuff. They gave me back my morals and they taught me how to be a real man. Fern House is strict, but you can tell they really care about you. Everybody there cares, including the guys living there. We’re one big family.Rick -- Fern House Graduate
What Fern House gave me was priceless. Before I went to Fern House, I couldn’t stop using. I gave up my relationship with my wife, my daughter, and the rest of my family. I had given up on myself. My using was 100% about me with no regard for others. I completely destroyed my marriage, my career was over, and my life was destroyed. Fern House taught me how to be accountable. They helped me see that I needed to be patient, incorporate some structure into my life and take things one day at a time. Sooner or later, they told me, my life would come together. Today, my life is totally changed. Through the Fern House and my higher power, I have a new life. The Fern House will always be a part of my life. I give back by helping them with construction projects and I sponsor a lot of guys that come through there. I still talk to Bernard all the time. I have a great amount of respect for him and what he did for me. The Fern House saved my life. It gave me hope.Adam Y. -- Fern House graduate

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